Indochina Restaurant chains offering gluten free choices

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We are lucky that there are many Indochina restaurants that will accommodate the gluten free consumer.

Recently we have even seen a surge in restaurant chains that provide an entire gluten free menu or, failing that, an allergen menu.

This makes eating out easier than ever and enables you to eat alongside your gluten eating friends without any worries.

We have mainly listed below those chains that provide a gluten-free or allergen menu - however please let us know if we have missed out any of your favourites at:

Banana Tree

Banana Tree

This chain serves delicious food from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and the peninsula of Malaysia and Singapore.

Although its main menus don't seem to be marked with the gluten free dishes available, there is a gluten free list available of starters, soups, regional specialities, grilled meat, curry, and even a pudding.


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